Manual Deluxe 2016 for download

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Manual Deluxe 2016 for download.  No random number generator on-board.  

This software is designed to be used as a great flashboard in combination with a bingo ball blower OR wire cage with balls.

There is a built in bingo card printing application for 27,000 commercial format bingo cards and a custom game pattern feature which allows users to create any pattern they can dream up on the fly.  This product works on all Microsoft operating systems from Xp up through Windows 10.

The superior graphics on this product are great and wide.  They fill your displays from side to side!  

The Manual Deluxe 2016 has a bingo card verifier which will verify all 27,000 cards it prints, plus it will verify certain 3rd party bingo card perms from other manufacturers.

Great Value! - It sells for only $29 as a download.  


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Price $29.00